Blossom/Xtra Helping Hands Healthcare

"Training for the Future" 

Welcome to Blossom Health and Educational Center

"Expect Excellence In Service. It is A Right & Not a Request"

Blossom is a full service healthcare agency that provides quality training. With over 14 years of experience, Blossom is able to provide extensive health care training as well home health care services.

                          CLASSES OFFERED:


                                                                  HOME HEALTH AIDE

                                                                  CPR/FIRST AID CERTIFICATION

                                                                  TRAIN-THE- TRAINER (RNs & LPNs ONLY)

                                                                  DODD MEDICATION ADMINISTRATION (MA) CERTIFICATION I, II & III

                                                                  DRIVE (Transporting Older and Disabled Passengers)

                                    TRAINING IS OFFERED DAYS, EVENINGS, AND WEEKEND


                                                                          Our Mission

We will function as caregivers by demonstrating our tireless commitment in being first-rate, showing compassion, love and patience in striving to assist our consumer to live their life with dignity reaching their maximum physical, mental emotional and spiritual well-being.